Dust Containment Enclosures

Mobile Dust Containment Cubes


Akon can supply you with a dust containment enclosure that will prevent debris from freely floating around your facility. Our designs are inexpensive, can be made mobile, and are quick to install or take down. You can quickly control dust.

There are large dust control curtains or small mobile dust containment cubes that can roll around. These small mobile dust enclosures are portable and can be broken down when not needed.


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Mobile Dust Cube Enclosure


Mobile Dust Containment Cube

For mobility or even for a stationary containment cube this model is ideal. The cube is shrouded with clear vinyl curtains to allow light in while containing dust. Also great for construction work and contractors. Bottom gap created by the casters can also be sealed with flaps that engage the floor.

Made from 1″ to 2″ anodized aluminum these enclosures are ideal for small work areas where excessive dust, welding sparks, or any other airborne debris is created. Portable via the casters located at the base of the frame.

Maximum SIZES:

  • Any width x any length x 10’h – Static Version
  • 10′ x 10′ x 10’h – Mobile Version

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Strip Curtain Enclosure

Strip Curtain Enclosure

For stationary work areas you can use the free-standing strip curtain enclosure. Clear or tinted strips for welding applications can be utilized to allow access into and out of the enclosure for all sides.

Made from a 1.25″ or 2″ galvanized steel tube with base plates. Strips come in 6″, 8″ and 12″ wide versions. Clear or tinted for welding.

Maximum SIZES:

  • Any width x any length x 10’h – Static Version
  • Not Available as Mobile Version

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Industrial Curtain Enclosure

Industrial Curtain Enclosure

For large areas it is more economical to run our dust containment curtains all the way to the ceiling. The industrial vinyl curtains can be taken down and installed quickly making them great for temporary use as well.

There are various hardware options which allow for forklift access and for completely moving the curtains out of the way of production.

Maximum SIZES:

  • Any width x any height

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Dust Containment

With the use of the Akon dust containment enclosure systems, you can contain the fine particles that float through the air, keeping your work facility clean from debris. You can effectively keep the dusty mess at the source which will reduce your cleaning bills and provide a better work environment for your workers.

  • Keep dust away from and off of your surrounding products, machines and floor
  • Keep dust particles out of your associates’ lungs which ensures better health
  • Contain and isolate individual work cells which produce the dust or over spray
  • Keep tiny food particle dust from contaminating surrounding areas
  • Quickly setup and take down mobile containment cubes

There are many processes that might produce air borne particles which can make your work environment dirty or even damage your finished products. With the help of Akon, we can present a solution which will keep your work areas clean!

Dust Containment Enclosure Cube

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