Welding Strip Curtains

Welding Strip Curtain


Welding strip doors come in several different color options and are always tinted. The strips are actually constructed from extruded PVC that has the tinted material added to block the harmful UV rays from welding applications.

The strips are slightly overlapped to create a good seal from one side to the other. The advantage of welding strip curtains and welding strip doors is that you can walk through them without moving them to the side like a solid welding curtain.

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Welding Strip Curtains

Welding Strip Doors or Welding Strip Curtains

Many customers ask what is the difference between the vinyl welding strip doors and the vinyl welding strip curtains. There actually is no difference in the two versions. It is simply how you are using them. Strip doors cover door openings and strip curtains are used to cover larger openings. Both versions are identical. The key question is what type of mounting hardware to use to hold them up. Keep in mind if you don’t want any hardware you can simply purchase bulk roll welding strips.

Mounting Options

How you choose to support your welding strips is going to depend on what structure you have available. If there is no structure in place then you can always use our hanging hardware which drops down from the ceiling with small chains, cables, or threaded rods. Welding PVC strip curtain hardware is almost always galvanized steel. However, stainless steel is also available for very corrosive environments. The three main styles are shown below.

Strip Curtain Hardware


Material Options

PVC welding strip are most commonly 8’’ wide strips x .080’’ thick and come in several different colors. The weld strips are a tinted color that guards against the harmful UV rays produced from the arc welding process.

They are manufactured with a special ingredient that limits the UV rays while also giving the welding strips additional fire retardant benefits. The PVC is approved by OSHA as a weld screen. Please keep in mind though that proper eye protection should be used for direct viewing of welding processes.


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