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Common Features



Allows rapid access for forklifts or people eliminating the need of opening the curtain. See this page for all entry options.


There are many different colors to choose from. See all the curtain colors on this page.


Self-adhesive Velcro allows you to seal your curtain to adjacent fixed walls, beams or adjacent curtains which creates a much superior seal.


Ideal for curtains that open and close often and that need to engage the floor. The floor sweep is a replaceable flap that keeps the main curtain from wearing out from friction on the floor.


A pocket can be sewn into the bottom of your curtain which adds extra weight to the bottom. This reduces side-to-side movement in drafty locations or for wash bays.


The curtains come in several thicknesses which range from a film to a thick stiff material. Ask your sales associate which thickness is best for your application.


Velcro straps hold your curtain in place should there be wind or negative pressure. Also allows for a more secure curtain in sensitive areas.


A vision panel is a clear strip of Vinyl that allows you to see through the curtain to the other side. Allows light in and increases safety.


Roll up doors can be placed inline with the curtain walls to allow for quick access to both sides. Available in powered or manual. Optional remote controls for forklift drivers to operate up down movement. See this page for all entry options.


Seal magnets are an idea to attach curtains to each other or adjacent steel walls and beams.  Best utilized in dusty areas that would clog up Velcro.


There are many different mounting options to hang your curtains. See this page to view all the different styles.

Common Questions


Can we have graphics printed on our curtains?
What door options are available for the curtain walls?

Can we have graphics printed on our curtains?

Yes. Graphics can be added to your curtain for an additional charge. In order for AKON to properly print the graphics you would need to provide the following details:

  1. The location where the graphic should be placed on the curtain
  2. The width x length of the printed graphic
  3. A supplied Vector Image of the graphic

Note: See here for more info on Vector Images:



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What door options are available for the curtain walls?

There are many different options to choose from for curtain walls. Simply click the link below to view them.
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