Garage Divider Curtains


garage-strip-door-curtainsAre you looking to divide up the space in your garage? Then you can use our line of garage divider curtains which are quick to install and inexpensive. Constructed from heavy-duty vinyl, these garage curtains will divide up your garage space or allow you to partition off your work area. They can also come supplied with a clear vinyl see-through panel which will allow you to see right through them.



  • Protect a vehicle from potential damage
  • Protection from flying debris
  • Divide up work space for different tasks
  • Create a neat and organized appearance
  • Create an area of privacy in the garage
  • Form walk ways from doors
  • Save on heating and cooling with insulated version

Commonly Know As

  • garage division curtain
  • garage organizer curtain
  • garage screen curtain
  • garage privacy curtain
  • garage splitter curtain


Insulated Garage Divider Curtains

You may also choose to have an insulated garage divider curtain. These curtains have insulated padding that will retain hot air or cold air. This will save on energy costs and still will allow full access from one side to the other.

These insulated garage partition curtains typically run all the way from the floor to the ceiling and Velcro attachment to the adjacent fixed walls. This complete seal ensures that the curtains keep in as much hot or cold air as possible.

There are also several materials you can choose from based on your preference for color, material thickness, and functionality.



Different Track Options

You can choose from several different curtain track styles based on your garage layout. Our line of rolling track allows your curtain to roll from side-to-side with ease. Or if your budget is tight we can supply a steel cable and hang your garage curtain from that.


Additional Features


Chain Weight

If you have a slight breeze or power washing then we can add a chain weight pocket. These are common on Wash Bay Curtains and Outdoor Curtains.
curtain colors


There are many colors available for you to choose from. In addition to the solid colors, you can also choose to include a clear plastic vision panel which will allow your associates to see through the curtain.

Velcro Floor Straps

Velcro straps hold your curtain in place if a wind current is present or a more secure curtain is required. These anchors feature Velcro straps which loop through a D-ring which is anchored into the cement floor.


Split or Combine Multiple Curtains

You can choose to have Velcro installed along the perimeter of the divider which will allow you to combine multiple curtains into one larger curtain. You can also attach self-adhesive Velcro to fixed objects such as walls for a much tighter seal. Great for dust control and temperature control.


Floor Sweeps

A floor sweep seals the open area between the curtain and the floor. It attaches to the main curtain by Velcro. They are 6″ tall and as long as the entire length of the curtain. These are ideal for controlling dust, fumes, odors and other undesirable elements. They can also be replaced in the future should the friction from the floor wear them out.

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