USDA Strip Curtain Wall

food grade strip curtains


USDA Strip Curtain Curtains and Doors are made up of compounds that meet federal requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry and diary products. They meet USDA, NSF, CFIA-ACIA, and FDA requirements.

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Quick Access Without Opening

USDA, FDA and CFIA food processing strip curtains and doors allow quick access between food packing lines or doorways. Unlike the AKON solid curtain USDA curtains which roll side to side on a curtain track, the strip curtains you can walk through. This allows for quick access for people and products.



The USDA passed the onus of compound compliance/approval to be under FDA provisions, specifically Title 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Since the USDA does not approve equipment or materials, we have material that meets CFR 21, which ensures that the compounds used are FDA certified raw materials. The AKON curtains are Title 21 CFR compliant and carry a UFL-94 Fire Cert.

Mounting Options

Fixed Mounts – This hardware is the most common and can mount to existing structure or be supported from above with threaded rods.

Free-Standing – If it is not possible to attach to existing structure or hang the strips from above and you can use floor mounted hardware. 14′ is the maximum allowed height for the freestanding style.

Sliding Tracks – If you have enough space you can use the rolling hardware which will allow the strips to be moved completely out of the way. Keep in mind if you have a 10 foot strip curtain, you’ll need 20 feet of track to move it completely out of the way. You can also use a radius corner to make an L-shaped to store the food grade strip curtain off to the side.


PVC Rated For USDA and CFIA Use

  • UV stabilized
  • Meets California Fire Marshall codes
  • Strips are overlapped to prevent cross spray
  • Quick to hang pre-punched strips
  • Static mount strips or rolling strips for clearance
  • Easy to replace damaged USDA Strips
  • USDA temp strip curtains are rated for -20 F
  • USDA low temp strip curtains are rated for -40 F

Common Applications

  • Walk-in coolers
  • Refrigeration divider walls
  • Stockroom storage strip curtain walls
  • Forklift traffic divider
  • Food processing facility divider
  • Sanitation strip curtain divider for wash down
  • Clean room strip curtain partitions

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