PVC Strip Curtains

Industrial Strip Curtains-square

Industrial Strip Curtains

Strip Curtain Walls and Doors kits allow for rapid deployment of PVC strips that separate door openings or entire walls. The strips come pre-cut and punched to your desired height and length. In addition, the hardware is included ready for mounting.


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PVC Bulk Rolls-square

PVC Bulk Rolls

When replacing strips or when no hardware is required you can simply purchases PVC bulk rolls. These strip can come pre-punched and scored for easy ripping from the roll. Available in many different colors, widths, thicknesses and lengths.


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Welding Strip Curtains

When welding processes are present then these PVC strips will block the harmful welding rays. With a special tinted additive the welding strips are tinted and provide a safe work environment for people outside of the welding area.


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Accordion Strip Doors-square

Accordion Strip Doors

When open access is required an accordion strip door can be supplied. These strips fold up and roll out of the way taking up only 15%of the opening. This allows for motorized traffic or people to pass through the opening without walking through the strips.


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Sliding Strip Curtains-square

Sliding Strip Curtains

When complete access is required for the opening then sliding or rolling strip curtains are the solution. Moving as a complete assembly like a barn door, the strips roll on the curtain track to the left, right or left and right.


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