Industrial Welding Curtains

Welding Curtain Walls-square

Vinyl Welding Curtains

Industrial welding curtain walls are designed to resist flying sparks from arc welding while also providing a line of sight to both sides of the curtain. This line of sight must then be tinted with a UV blocking film to protect the eyesight of nearby workers. These welding curtains come on a track or as a free-standing weld screen depending on your needs.


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Strip Welding Curtains

Welding strip curtains, like other welding screens, are tinted red, orange, green, black and blue. They block the harmful UV rays from welding. The strips can be mounted to a free-standing frame, a door opening, or our strip curtain track which is supported from above. You can also just purchase the strips with no hardware at all.


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Canvas Welding Curtains

Industrial canvas welding curtains are made for heavy duty welding applications unlike vinyl welding curtains which are designed for light-duty to medium duty welding. The canvas weld curtains are constructed of flame retardant fiberglass and has a temperature range of 1000°F to 3000°F depending on the type of material.


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Canvas Weld Blankets

AKON Weld Blankets are widely used for draping over equipment or floor surfaces in welding areas, or as a vertical shield to protect from sparks, spatter, and slag.


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Strip Curtain Booths

For welding shops or welding schools the strip curtains can be used as a walkthrough shield. The strips come in all the standard colors and are easy to replace should they become worn out.


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Vinyl Curtain Booths

Unlike welding strip curtains which are static, the vinyl welding curtains can be pushed to the side to allow access into the welding booth. These curtains can be tinted for line of sight or completely opaque.


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Freestanding Curtain Booths

If you have no structure to support your welding curtains then use the freestanding welding curtain booths. The curtains can be strip style or vinyl style depending on your needs.


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Portable Welding Screens – Vinyl-square

Vinyl Portable Welding Screens

Portable framed welding screens use wheels to move around. These are very inexpensive and are supplied in a common single panel design or they can be connected together to cover a larger area. They are very lightweight which makes them ideal for moving around the shop or factory floor. Their industrial uses are very vast.


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Portable Welding Screens – Canvas-square

Canvas Portable Welding Screens

Akon offers these weld screens that come with a tinted window providing advantage to operations and safety department. It helps management to keep an eye on the work progress without moving the enclosure and also protects casual traffic from arc flash welding. They are portable and come with different color options to enhance workplace safety.


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Strip Curtain Rolls

Sold in rolls up to 300′ long these bulk welding rolls allow you to replace damaged strips or hang them for a new project. The strips can be pre-punched and pre-cut or you can do that on site as well.


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Vinyl Curtain Rolls

Welding curtain rolls are used to create welding and grinding shields to enclose work cells, robotic welding cells, and single sided curtains. Simply unroll the welding screen roll and cut to your desired length.


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Canvas Curtain Rolls

Welding curtain canvas rolls are ideal for heavy welding. These curtains are constructed of flame retardant fiberglass and has a temperature range of 1000°F to 3000°F depending on the type of material.


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SB-5000 – Portable Weld Screen-square

SB-5000Portable Weld Screen

When there are no mounting locations then the SB-5000 is the solution. This portable weld screen moves around on casters when you tip it backwards. You can then move the screens to any location. Relocate the screens whenever you want.


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SB-9000 – Roll Out Welding Screen-square

SB-9000Roll Out Welding Screen

When floor space is at a premium then the roll out welding screens are ideal. Commonly used for robotic welding cells or other areas where overhead access from a gantry crane or forklift access is needed, these screens are built to last long.


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CS-500 – Retractable Welding Screen-square

CS-500Retractable Welding Screen

Like the SB-9000, this model conserves floor space as well. You pull the cable and the curtain out and attach it on the opposite side. Once the screen is extended, you can then move the curtain back and forth on the cable.


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SB-10000 – Free Standing Welding Screen-square

SB-10000Free Standing Welding Screen

Roll the shade up and down like a movie projector shade for protection. This free-standing welding screen provides minimal space when not in use and can be stored in tight spaces. It is ideal for locations where space is at a premium.


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SB-11000 – Roll Down Welding Curtain-square

SB-11000Roll Down Welding Curtain

Supported from above or free-standing as shown in the picture. This roll down weld curtain operates like an old style window shade. The welder pulls down on the strap and the ratchet keeps the shade at the correct height for them.


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