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Chemical splash curtains are specifically designed to withstand corrosive chemicals and acids. Aside from providing protection to your property and employees, you can also customize these curtains to meet your project’s demands and needs. They can be fitted for indoor and outdoor purposes.

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Chemical Splash Curtain Uses

Chemical splash curtains can be utilized in any facility that deals with chemicals, contaminants and odors. They are typically installed and used in:

  • Chemical mixing plants
  • Power plants
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical factories
  • Schools
  • Pharmaceutical facilities

Benefits of Installing Chemical Splash Curtains

Chemical safety curtains aren’t just about having protection against chemicals. They also have the following benefits.

  • Reduces the cost of having to build permanent walls
  • Can be customized as per the space, purpose and length of use
  • Effectively controls contaminants, sound, light and even temperature
  • Conveniently separates working areas
  • Enhances privacy and working conditions



The most commonly used base fabrics for industrial splash curtains are heavy duty vinyl coated polyester fabric. Vinyl is the common name for PVC. Both are, in fact, the same material. The 18 oz. Material is either PVC Coated Polyester or PVC Laminated Polyester. Their exterior seams are made from rot-resistant nylon thread while their interior seams are heat welded to ensure that the curtains are sealed against air and liquid.
The hems are chain-weighted using heavy duty galvanized chains so that the industrial splash curtains are stable enough to withstand draft. There are roller hooks you can use to slide and retract the curtains along their roller track systems. You can customize these tracks to your desired length or shape.
In connecting multiple acid splash curtains, they have 2” Velcro side attachments. These attachments can connect your curtains to wood, cement or brick walls.
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Rubber silicone is another option for containing more corrosive chemicals. This material is also much thicker than our standard 18-ounce Vinyl which is .020” thick. The Rubber Silicone has a thickness up to 1/4” thick. Also, just like the Vinyl, the material is easily cut to length in the field using an ordinary pair of scissors without “end fray” or releasing irritable fiber particulates.
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Available Sizes

All our curtains are custom-made to ensure you get the perfect fit around the area which has the hazardous chemicals. Ideally, you should have your chemical splash curtains at around 30-40’ in width for easier installation. If you need to cover a wider space, you can simply install multiple curtains and connect them with Velcro strips or magnets.
Our curtains have a maximum height of 60’. In case of height issues, you can purchase valance panels to preserve your facility’s ceiling and to eliminate the additional cost of renovating the top half area of your structure.


Rolling Hardware

  • 16 gauge galvanized steel tracks
  • Nylon roller hooks for easy opening
  • 6 mounting styles to connect to various structures
  • Free standing hardware for up to 20' in height


Static Hardware

  • Aluminum angle - Use with self tapping Tek screws
  • I-beam clamps - Clamps onto the flange of beams, joists and purlins

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Curtain Material

Standard Options

  • Medium-duty 13 ounce and heavy-duty 18 ounce vinyl coated polyester as standard
  • Optional materials include: 14mil, 20mil, 40oz, and 22oz
  • 20mil clear vision panels
  • NFPA fire retardant
  • 5% added to your widths for proper drape
  • Any height and width is available
  • Finished edges for clean crisp apperance
  • 2" wide industrial grade velcro used for sectioning if needed
  • Double and triple hems used where needed for longevity
  • All colors are the same price

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Rubber Silicone

  • Thickness: 1/4” thick
  • Color: Translucent
  • Temperature Rating: Rated from ‐112°F (‐80°C) to 392°F (200°C) continuous
  • Meets the flammability requirements of FAR 25.853 (a) (1) (IV) and (a) (1) (v)
  • 5% added to your widths for proper drape
  • Any height and width is available
  • 2" wide industrial grade Velcro used for sectioning if needed
  • Excellent resistance to ozone, oxidization, UV, corona, cosmic radiation, ionizing radiation and weathering in general

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Key Benefits

  • Less expensive than rigid walls
  • Can be taken down quickly when not needed
  • Can be re-purused in other areas
  • Ability to purchase more curtains and attach to existing curtains
  • Divide work areas quickly
  • Industrial curtains improve worker safety
  • Quick to roll out of way when not in use
  • Easy to clean with slick surface of Vinyl
  • Contain air migration, odors, dust, overspray
  • Lifetime warranty on all hardware and 5 year warranty on curtains

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18oz Vinyl


Rubber Silicone


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Chain Weight Bottoms

If you have a slight breeze or are power washing near the curtain then we can add a galvanized 3/16" chain weight to the bottom of the curtain.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

Floor Anchor Straps

Velcro straps hold your curtain in place if wind is present or a more secure curtain is required. These anchors feature Velcro straps which loop through a D-ring which is anchored into the cement floor. Typically spaced every 4'.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

Floor Sweeps

A floor sweep seals the open area between the curtain and the floor. It attaches to the main curtain by Velcro. They are 6″ tall and as long as the entire length of the curtain. These are ideal for controlling dust, fumes, odors and other undesirable elements. They can also be replaced in the future should the friction from the floor wear them out.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

Magnet Seals

Seal magnets are an idea to attach curtains to each other or adjacent steel walls and beams. Best utilized in dusty areas that would clog up Velcro.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

Velcro Seals

You can choose to have Velcro installed along the perimeter of the divider which will allow you to combine multiple curtains into one larger curtain. You can also attach self adhesive Velcro to fixed objects such as walls for a more complete seal. Great for dust control and temperature control.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

Valance Panels

A valance is made from the same material as your curtain. They are used to seal the opening above the curtain. This is generally the space from the roof deck to the bottom of the joist or purlin. They can be rectangular or follow the slope of the roof.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

Walk Through Strip Doors

Strip doors can be sewn into the curtain or free-standing for larger versions. These allows quick movement of people and forklifts into and out of the industrial curtains.

NOTE: This option is available with all materials except rubber silicone.

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Common Layouts

AKON can supply just about any layout you can think of. Below are some common styles. They can be single sided, double-sided, triple sided, four-sided or multiple straights to create complete enclosures. You simply inform AKON about your desired design and we will have it fabricated exactly as you need it. For customized layouts, sketch your design and upload it using our online RFQ form. See button below.

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