Accordion Strip Doors



Accordion strip doors are the ideal solution for door openings that require curtains which need to be periodically moved out of the way. For instance in the summer or winter months during extreme conditions you can close the industrial accordion strip doors to conserve energy. Another use is for wash bays such as car washes where automobiles need to pass through. Driving through strips which are dirty can scratch the paint. Operation is manual or motorized / powered.

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Folding Options

The strip doors can be opened and closed in one of three ways. Simply choose the version that works best for your application.

  • Bi-Parting – The PVC strips move to the left and right
  • Single To Right – The PVC strips move to the right
  • Single To Left – The PVC strips move to the right


Mounting Options

The strip doors can be mounted in one of three ways based on your wall configuration.

  1. Stand Off – Mounted away from the wall
  2. Header – Mounted inside of the door jamb
  3. Wall Face – Mounted to face of wall

Power Options

Manual Operation

Simply pull lightly on the cord to open and close the plastic accordion strip doors. The cord is located on the far right or far left of the door. Choosing manual operation is ideal for infrequent opening and closing. There is no need to spend additional money for a motorized strip door when traffic is anticipated to be very light.

Motorized Operation

Motorized accordion strip doors are powered open and closed via a 110 volt motor that is located on the top of the hardware. These are designed for heavy traffic areas where constant foot or motorized traffic will be present. They take up only 15% of the opening width. They can be adjusted for variable opening and closing speeds and can move as quickly as 35 inches per second. Also included is automatic closing after a set amount of time. This is very useful as most operators forget to close the door behind them. Activated by remote control, rocker switch, or motion detector of incoming traffic.


PVC Strips and Hardware

The PVC Strips are 12″ wide with a 67% overlap. The strips are completely clear to insure proper safety for traffic coming both ways. The PVC meets all fire codes for fire retardant material. They can also be easily replaced should they become damaged. Each custom accordion strip door is designed for years of use. The mounting hardware is fabricated from galvanized steel which will endure the elements and provide a long life of use.


  • Single sided parting doors are limited to: 15’ Wide x 14’ High
  • Bi-parting doors are limited to: 30’ Wide x 14’ High
  • If you require a motor then the Bi-Parting Accordion Strip Door will require two motors


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