Sliding Strip Curtains and Doors



When an opening or wall of strip curtains needs to be moved out of the way then sliding strip curtains can be used. This allows for complete clearance for people and equipment to move through. Utilizing the same PVC strips as used in our standard industrial strip doors, the sliding strip doors feature galvanized steel track and rollers for easy movement. The strips move in the same manner as a train on train tracks. That is to say it moves all at once and does not fold up. Note we offer accordion strip doors that fold up as well.

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Mounting Options

The strip doors can slide open and close in one of 5 mounting options ways. Simply choose the version that works best for your application.

  • Wall – Mount to face of the wall
  • Chain – Hangs from chains above
  • Ceiling – Mount to underside of ceiling
  • Threaded – Hangs from threaded rods
  • Beam  – Clamps onto flange of beams


Storage Options

The strip curtains can slide to the side of the opening in several ways. Keep in mind storage space is 1 to 1. For example if you have a 10′ wide opening then you would need 10′ to store the sliding plastic strip curtains or 20′ of total rolling track.

  1. Single Offset – Strips are stored all to one side
  2. Dual Offset – Strips are stores on both sides
  3. Dual Jamb – Two strip curtains on two tracks

Photo Gallery

Click below to view some common configurations

sliding strip curtain

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