Industrial Free Standing Curtains



Industrial free standing curtains are supported from the floor up with base plates. Ideal when ceiling mounting options cannot be used or are not ideal. The 16 gauge galvanized steel hardware is designed for rugged industrial use and is quick to deploy and to take down if need be.


Ideal Solutions For

  • Work Cells
  • Dust Control Processes
  • Welding Stations
  • Grinding Stations
  • Production Segmentation
  • Wash Bay Booth
  • Painting Booth
  • Privacy Divider


Custom Made Per Application

The free-standing curtains are custom made to suit your application. You can have any width you need and up to 16′ in height. There are two components to the setup which includes the industrial curtains and the hardware. The curtains come in many different colors and several different materials based on your needs. Typically they are 18oz Reinforced Vinyl for opaque colors and 20mil Vinyl for all clear curtains.  You can combine static curtains with operable side-to-side curtains and strip curtains with solid curtains.


Static Curtain Hardware

Curtains which are static non-moving will utilize the static free-standing hardware. In this setup solid curtains, or strip curtains which are shown on the graphic, are zip tied or bolted to the frame. Please note that you can have some curtain walls solid and other walls or sections as strip curtains for easy access. The base plates can be anchored in the floor for added stability with 4 lag points.


Rolling Curtain Hardware

Utilizing most of the same hardware as static hardware, the rolling curtain hardware allows for side-to-side movement of the curtain walls. These Industrial Free Standing Curtains roll on curtain hooks and can have hard corners, radius corners or no corners in case of a single sided setup. The rolling curtain track is offset of the vertical uprights so that the curtain can be a large non-sectioned curtain.


Optional Ceilings

If your application requires a ceiling Akon can provide that as well. The ceilings are a 14mil or 20mil clear Vinyl that drapes over the top of the enclosure. The clear material allows light into the free-standing enclosure while containing or keeping out dust and debris.  The ceilings are held up with aircraft cable (shown in red below and supplied by the customer) which spans across the top hardware and then Velcro (shown in green below) attaches to the Vinyl to the frame.


Photo Gallery

Click below to view some common configurations

Industrial freestanding curtainsfreestanding-curtainsFreestanding industrial dividerFreestanding curtain wall

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