USDA Wash Down Curtains



Akon can provide your food processing facility with USDA approved wash down curtains. These curtains are designed with non-porous PVC material which eliminates the opportunity for bacteria to grow and contaminate product. The stainless steel curtain track is also specially designed as to not allow any debris contamination to build up.  The combination of unique features in these USDA wash down curtains improves plant sanitation and reduces downtime on the line.

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Brewery Sanitation Curtains

In addition to our clean screen curtains being used for food processing facilities, brewing facilities also can benefit with the use of sanitation divider curtains. The curtains separate the kettles and fermentation vessels to contain any splashing that may occur during the transferring of liquids. They also provide a sanitary divider for wash down after the brewing process has completed.

USDA Curtain Benefits

  • greatly improves plant sanitation
  • prevents cross-contamination between equipment
  • specially designed trolley eliminates the collection of debris
  • water that is sprayed onto equipment is confined to that area
  • USDA wash down curtains allow for just the area around the equipment to be cleaned
  • eliminates expensive downtime
  • will not knock over like portable screens


The key features of the USDA curtains for washdown applications are as follows.

The materials are specifically designed to be “slick” which will shed solutions and soils, unlike porous materials.  In addition, there is no stitching which is used for the hems. A stitched hem can allow debris to get under the fold which means bacteria can grow.

The curtains are shown in the pictures as straight runs but have the ability for 90-degree radius corners. This allows the USDA curtain to be moved seamlessly from one side to the other around the track bend.



The USDA passed the onus of compound compliance/approval to be under FDA provisions, specifically Title 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Since the USDA does not approve equipment or materials, we have material that meets CFR 21, which ensures that the compounds used are FDA certified raw materials. The AKON curtains are Title 21 CFR compliant and carry a UFL-94 Fire Cert.


CFIA Approval

In addition to meeting USDA standards, the curtains also meet Canadian Food Inspection Agency or CFIA approval. The CFIA is much like the USDA in the United States. Their purpose is to ensure the health and safety of food and food production. Our curtain material has been sent to the CFIA for a full review and it now has their seal of approval.

CFIA Approved

Food Processing Curtains

Using curtains for food processing in a wash down setting requires careful attention to layout and function. Akon has a lot of experience in utilizing these food grade curtains to their fullest extent.  We know that any sanitation curtains that are properly installed will increase your efficiency and decrease your downtime.

food grade curtains


The mounting hardware is a stainless steel tubular design with rounded corner curtain carriers. This particular design allows for water and debris to easily roll off the hardware. Unlike C channel hardware which will collect debris and potentially harbor bacteria.

usda curtains

Radius Corners

Hard corners or radius corners can be added to the USDA grade hardware. Standard corners are 24 inch and 12″ 90° radius with the ability to make almost any radius your design requires. The mounting tabs as shown below can also be welded on or shipped loose.

usda approved curtains

Wall Mount

For areas where you cannot support the track from above there is a side wall mount attachment. This allows the hardware to be attached to a vertical surface should there be obstructions from above.

food processing curtains

40mil Thick Curtains

40 Mil Clear Vinyl PVC is used for all USDA and CFIA wash down clean curtains. The material is made of compounds that meet federal requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, and dairy products.

usda curtain

Stainless Steel Grommets

Stainless steel grommets with a half inch ID clearance are placed every 12 inches at the top of the curtain. The top hem is double folded and heat sealed for additional strength. This prevents grommets from ripping out.

usda approved curtain

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