Fume and Odor Control Curtains



Are you looking to control noxious fumes or odors in your facility? If so, then you can use our line of fume and odor control curtains which separates clean air from bad air. With these curtains, you can effectively partition off large areas of your building for environmental air control. For both permanent installations and temporary curtain installations we have your solution.

Our industrial curtain walls for odor control are very easy to install and can be erected by your own personnel without the need for special tools or knowledge. The curtains can be installed from the ceiling with the use of your existing structure or can be completely free standing.



Odor Control Curtain Benefits & Features

  • The fume control curtains can be designed to form a cubical which will completely surround the equipment, or source of the fumes.
  • Curtains can form a one-sided wall which is almost air tight from the floor to the ceiling even with the I-Beams and ceiling structures that might be in the way.
  • Slider tracks can be integrated at the top of the partitions to allow your associates the ability to roll the fume control curtains back when not needed.
  • The curtain walls are a lot less expensive than fixed permanent walls, are quicker to install, are easier to take down, and can be moved when no longer needed.
  • Almost any size of work area can be created within a building quickly and inexpensively.
  • The fumes and the odors can then be kept confined to the area where they originate.
  • Maintain clean, non-contaminated air which can be breathed in with ease by your workers and visitors.

Materials and Construction

The curtains are constructed from fire retardant material which is available in almost any color that you would like. Company logos, motivational sayings, or warnings can also be printed directly onto the materials if you choose. Here are some additional construction options.

  • Track and trolley – Allows the curtains to slide back and forth to allow access
  • Strip doors – Can be added to allow access for operators or forklifts
  • Clear see-through panels – Allows the associates to see through the odor and fume control curtains
  • Floor anchors – These anchors will keep the curtain base securely connected to the floor
  • Vinyl thickness – Based on your application, we can supply a vinyl which is thick enough to resist the hazards of your environment
  • Insulation – The odor control curtains can come equipped with insulation which will also separate sounds and temperatures.

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