Strip Curtain Booths



Welding booth strip curtains are designated areas that are sectioned off for work processed like welding, grinding, blasting or any other harmful work process. The weld booth curtains can be freestanding or they can be supported from above with hanging hardware. The welding strip curtains allow rapid entry and exiting.

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Industrial and School Uses

Welding booths are used in high schools, colleges and in industrial manufacturing plants. By using the AKON welding strip curtains these facilities can provide a safe learning and work environment. Regardless of your needs, we can furnish and provide the correct PVC weld curtains to keep your students or staff safe.

Welding Strips


Protection From UV Rays

Tinted welding strips are designed to filter harmful UV rays from welding processes. The welding strips have a special additive which increases flame resistance and is tinted enough to ensure a safe work environment.

  • Fire retardant ranging from (CFM, NFPA-701, ATSM E-84 class I)
  • Meets California Fire Marshal requirements
  • Available in two widths/thicknesses: 8″/.080″, 12″/.120″
  • Reduces noise
  • Forms a barrier for dust, smoke, flying debris, and sparks and spatter from welding

Color Options

  • Tinted Red
  • Tinted Amber
  • Tinted Green
  • Tinted Blue
  • Tinted Orange

Mounting Options



If you have no structure to attach to then you can use the upright floor columns for up to 10′ in height. Ideal when ceiling hanging hardware options cannot be used or are not ideal. The 16 gauge galvanized steel hardware is designed for rugged industrial use and is quick to deploy and to take down if need be. Depending on the height required, 2″ or 3″ OD tubular steel is utilized. Bolt together design allows for modifications in the future should your welding work cell needs change.


Structure or Threaded Rod Mounted

If you have existing structure to attach to then you can use the header, wall or universal mount hardware. The universal hardware can also be supported from above using 3/8″ threaded rods. Made from 16-gauge galvanized steel. The sturdy 1/4″ threaded studs on 2″ centers allow the pre-punched strips to be mounted to horizontal or vertical surfaces easily and quickly. Standard lengths available: 3′, 4′, 5′ ,6′, 8′ and 10′.


Pipe Mounted

The pipe mount can be used to span a distance using your supplied pipe. This allows for quick and easy mounting. The pipe mounted welding curtains fit up to a 2″ diameter pipe. Each clamp is 4″ wide and you would use 3 clamps per linear foot. Each clamp holds 2 strips which are overlapped.


Wall Mount End Stops

This style is supported only from the left and right sides of the track. The end stops anchor to a vertical surface and eliminates the need to support the track from above, below or in the middle. The curtains can then span a maximum of 8′ with this design.

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Welding safety curtainWelding dividersWelding curtain stripsTransparent welding curtainsamber-weld-strip-curtain

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