Welding Strip Curtain Rolls


Akon offers several industrial welding curtain rolls used to protect welders and bystanders from the dangers of arc welding. The welding bulk rolls come in lengths of 150′ to 300′. Simply un-roll the PVC and cut it to your desired length. If that is not ideal then, we can ship them with holes already punched and perforated to the lengths you want. Then you can simply rip them apart by hand. Keep in mind that you can get welding strip door kits as well.



Welding Strip Curtain

Designed for protection

The PVC welding curtain rolls are formulated to block out the hazardous rays which are produced by welding processes. Each PVC welding curtain roll includes special additives which add a tint to the material and also give it more flame resistance.

The strips are designed for use in temperatures between 0°F to +150°F. They are extruded from a special PVC extruder and rolled up ready for you to install.

Welding Protection

Welding Curtain Roll – Protection Chart

Below you can review the chart which outlines the protection values from the two most common welding strips. Be assured that while all of our welding bulk rolls vary slightly in their performance, they all block harmful UV rays.

Welding Curtain Roll Chart


Bulk Roll Options

Welding Curtain Roll – Color Options

Tinted red, amber, dark green are the most common color options.


Welding Curtain Roll – Size Options

The rolls come in several different widths and thicknesses. Based on your project needs you can choose the style that works best per below. As a general reference, 8″ wide strips are the most common.


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