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Car photography is not so easy task. Different strategies are applied depending on whether they’re prowling on the roads or staying put right before your camera lens. Selecting the background is crucial; the suitable background can either provide your car in a very clear contrast or it can generate significant dramatic effect. You do not want to have a picture of your vehicle blending into the complicated city background or a sports car which looks stationary. Using the AKON line of car photography backdrops is an economical solution and will look great.

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Vehicle Photo Booths

You have an awesome new car, or you have been to the biggest car show you have ever seen and you have snapped some fantastic images. Nevertheless, when you obtain them back or look at them on your camera’s screen, they appear nothing like the shots you observe in books & magazines. The paint does not sparkle & something appears wrong with the car photography backdrop. That automobile in your garage or the exotic on the greens of the golf course do not look as effective as in person. So what went wrong? It could have been several things because making an automobile look fantastic in photographs is part science and part art. The AKON photo booth curtains will help you take better photos – quickly & easily.


Your Photo Booth Curtain Accessories

  • The Lighting – For lighting, you have 2 basic options – strobe lights or hot lights. Hot lights release continuous power just like a conventional light bulb and florescent lights. However with the incandescent proceeding the way of the dodo, florescent lights are progressively becoming the conventional standard for lighting a photo booth for vehicles.
  • The Camera – For any kind of photography the most essential thing is a camera. You need a camera that can shoot effectively. It’s better if you use DSLR cameras, with dedicated off-camera flashes, and fully manual settings. If you’re utilizing an SLR – either digital or 35mm – always obtain the best optics you are able to afford. Camera lenses are more crucial than the camera body, the film, anything.

The Car Photography Backdrop Curtains

The backdrop curtains for your vehicle is certainly where you will get to show off your innovative skills. The most common backdrops are printed fabrics with company logos. However non-printed solid color curtains are just as common for personal use and for photo booths for car dealerships.

  • Curtain Color and Logo – Grey or white color curtains work best. The bigger the space is the better it is for your auto photo booth. It is also great if you go with white backdrop curtains if you have white epoxy floor surfaces to reflect the light backup underneath the car to provide good detail on the vehicle’s tires.
  • Curtain Hardware – You also need to decide how you will hang the automotive photography backdrop curtains. We have many different styles to choose from which can be viewed here. You can hang them from above, or you can support them from the floor if there are too many obstructions above. Keep in mind the floor mounted auto photo booths are the most expensive.
  • Curtain Material – We have cloth material or Vinyl material to choose from. The Vinyl material is slightly reflective but the most economical. The cloth material is soft and will not reflect light but is more expensive.

Examples of Velour Backdrop Curtains

Used Car Photography Curtains Car Dealership Curtains Car backgroun d curtains Automotive Backdrop Curtains (5)

Examples of Vinyl Backdrop Curtains

White photo backdrop curtains back drop dealership curtains Background curtains for automobiles Dealership background curtains Photo Backdrop Curtains

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