Sliding Safety Curtains

Sliding Safety Curtain


CS-500, the Safety Curtains with sliding feature are great for manufacturing facilities where no obstruction can be allowed either overhead or over the floor space.
The curtain maintains its shape courtesy of the steel cables that also work to connect the sliding curtain to different ends of the working area. The cable which supports the curtain can be easily operated by a single worker so the curtain is walked to a mounting assembly which can be 26’ away.

Providing the necessary safety to the machine operator and nearby co-workers, safety curtains are ideal in containing welding sparks, dangerous flying debris and welding rays.

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Sliding Safety Curtain Cable

Tension Cable Mounting

CS500 sliding curtain stores by rolling on the cable roller. The entire unit can be rotated 180° for quick and safe storage. When extended, the curtain can also be moved over the cable just as a shower curtain rolls over a rail.

By combining a safety curtain with the suspension instrument, the CS500 sliding safety curtains are definitely an innovative solution for various issues. The sliding safety curtain are ideal for industrial purposes as a single curtain can easily cover a distance of 26’, which speaks of the economic viability of the product. The CS500 curtains have compatibility to be installed with other curtain types to create tight corner covers, allocate open spaces for special operations or to create work cells on the facility floor.

Sliding Welding Curtain

Industrial Sliding Safety Curtains

If overhead suspension mounting system cannot be installed due to the nature of industrial operations, the sliding safety curtains is ideal for installation. When there is a need to clear the area for overhead cranes or for extensive material movement, the cable and curtain of the CS500 are easy to remove. Once the operation is complete, restoring CS500 at its original position is quick and easy.
Shown here with optional free-standing mounting post.


  • Height: Up to 6′
  • Length: Up to 26′
  • Mounting: Can be mounted to any self-supporting post (optional), wall or beam
  • Protection from: Sparks, heat, flying debris, and ultraviolet light
  • Transparent Colors: Yellow, orange, grey, shade 8 or blue
  • Solid Colors: Blue, green or yellow
  • Solid shades: Vinyl-coated 16 oz., resists oils, fire, most acids, alkalis, mildew, water, grinding sparks, and welding sparks, CFM approved
  • Service range: -40° to 180° F continuous
  • Transparent shades: 3° to 165° F continuous, CFM approved
  • Shades can be replaced: Yes – it can easily detach and be replaced if damaged


Mounting And Operation


The industrial sliding safety curtain has a self-retracting cable wheel and an opposing tensioning handle.

Industrial Safety Curtain


From the graphic below you can see the simple operation of the safety curtain. Simply walk it from one end of the work bay to the other.


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