Rolling Welding Curtains



Fabrication facilities can span from a few hundred feet to thousands of sq. miles. Rolling curtains can be installed on any fabrication facility without any issue of congestion. If the welding work is temporary, these welding curtains can be quickly deployed and taken down with ease. When packed up, the curtains take up nominal storage space which increases space usage efficiency.

These rolling welding screen come in many different colors, choose any color to enhance the facility outlook. The screen contains welding sparks along with the harmful UV light. The rigidity is provided by a steel base ensuring smooth operation for years. The shade is removable, and completely replaceable in case it gets damaged.

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  • Base length: 80.50″
  • Shade width: 74.50″
  • Extended height: 72″
  • Retracted height: 6″
  • Transparent Colors: Tinted dark green is the standard material
  • Protection from: Sparks, heat, flying debris, and ultraviolet light
  • Solid shades: CFM approved, Vinyl-coated 18 oz., resists fire, grinding sparks, oils, most acids, alkalis, welding sparks, water, and mildew, CFM approved
  • Service range: CFM approved, 3° to 165° F continuous
  • Shades can be replaced: Yes


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