Swing Out of The Way Industrial Curtains

Swings Out of The Way The search for novel ways to improve workplace flexibility, safety, and efficiency is constant in the dynamic world of industrial operations. A novel strategy that is beginning to take off makes use of a special set of tools that are commonly found in workshops: the industrial curtain and the light-duty […]

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industrial canvas curtains

Industrial Canvas Curtains

Indoor | Outdoor | Welding Canvas Canvas Welding Curtains More Info Build Now Canvas Curtain Walls More Info Build Now Canvas Welding Screens More Info Build Now Coated Vinyl Vinyl Curtain Walls These industrial clear curtains are great for dust control, visual control, or dividing work areas. They are the most common clear curtains. More Info Build […]

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clear insulated curtains

Clear Insulated Curtains

Custom Clear Insulated Curtains By AKON Overview AKON’s Clear Insulated Curtains are great at managing temperature control and excessive costs. They regulate indoor temperatures just as well as rigid, permanent walls, but at a fraction of the cost. Regardless of the application, these curtains will reduce energy consumption and reduce heating or cooling expenses. Ideal […]

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portable classroom walls

Classroom Divider Ideas

AKON’s Recommended Classroom Divider Ideas #1 – Large Classroom Curtains Today’s article will focus on how to divide a classroom. There is a number of great ideas to do so, and the first of them would be AKON’s custom-built partition curtains. Their design can be changed depending on your needs: sizes, layouts, colors, curtain tracks, […]

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Clear Yardistry Gazebo Curtains

Clear Yardistry Gazebo Curtains | Side Panels

Clear Yardistry® Gazebo Curtains | By AKON OVERVIEW When it comes to outdoor living, a Yardistry® Gazebo is a great addition to any backyard. But as the seasons change, it’s important to make sure your gazebo is properly prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way. One of the best ways to do this […]

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How To Winterize A Patio

How To Winterize A Patio

#1 – Clear Winter Wind Blocker Tarps Today’s article will focus about how to winterize a patio as even if you are on a tight budget. After all, the winter months bring many challenges such as cold temperatures, snowfall, strong winds, flying debris, and more. To overcome these challenges, you can design a custom and […]

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how to enclose a covered porch

How To Enclose A Covered Porch

AKON’s Recommended Covered Porch Enclosing Methods #1 – Clear Porch Tarps Today’s article will focus on how to enclose a covered porch to better prepare for the winter. The first example includes AKON’s custom-built Clear Porch Tarps. They will easily block out snow, rain, wind, pollen, and dust from entering the porch area. Our clients […]

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Pavilion Enclosures

Pavilion Enclosures | Winterize Your Pavilion With Plastic Wall Curtains

Style 1 – Static Mounted Pavilion Enclosures Static Mounted – Curtains Are Fixed In Place If you are trying to enclose your pavilion for the winter, it’s common to use static mounted pavilion enclosure panels. The plastic walls for the pavilion are anchored around the perimeter using grommets, twist locks and pockets depending on your […]

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pole barn curtains inside and outside

Pole Barn Curtains

Overview AKON’s pole barn curtains are designed to maintain specific stable temperatures and and also protect your agricultural facility during harsh weather. The curtains use vinyl with industrial power that can withstand extreme heat, humidity, snow, rain, and ice. Depending on your application, we offer 12oz, 18oz, and 22oz vinyl in the form of curtains […]

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pollen control for porch

How To Heat Your Screened Porch During The Winter

AKON’s Recommended Porch Heating Ideas #1 – Porch Enclosure Panels Today’s article will focus on how to heat your screened porch during the winter and give you some amazing ideas while comparing them in detail. The first option is about porch enclosure panels. They can cover any opening regardless how large or small. Such enclosure […]

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