Industrial Curtains


Industrial Curtain Walls

These curtains are great for dust control, paint or power wash over spray, dividing work areas, and closing off small to medium sized sections of a facility.


Wash Bay Curtains

Industrial wash bay curtains are used for automotive and industrial wash bays to keep over spray from wash down applications contained to the washing area.


Warehouse Divider Curtains

Warehouse curtains are larger versions of industrial curtain walls. These curtains can be insulated or non-insulated. They divide entire facilities to reduce dust, create privacy, form temperature zones, or allow for safer work environments.


Industrial Strip Curtains

Industrial strip curtains can be used to separate door openings or entire walls. These industrial curtains can be clear or solid and are ideal for allowing traffic through while keeping hot and cold air separated.


Industrial Insulated Curtains

Contain heat or cold air inside your facility, garage, or warehouse. Ideal solutions for cold storage freezers, warehouses, or loading docks.


USDA / CFIA Curtains

Containing over spray from wash down operations is critical to keep a clean work environment. These industrial USDA food processing curtains are specially designed to meet code.



Industrial Curtain Track

If you already own industrial curtains then you can use our curtain track to hang them. Constructed from heavy duty galvanized steel, these tracks are ideal for heavy production use or outdoor use.


Curtain Enclosure

Ideal for dust containment or any type of airborne containment, you can use the AKON lines of fixed and mobile curtain enclosures.


Heat Resistant Curtains

Protecting people and products from extensive heat is important for safety and quality. These industrial heat resistant curtains are ideal where heat sources can be as hot as molten steel.


Industrial Outdoor Curtains

When curtains are required for outdoors, special considerations have to be taken into account. With wind, rain, and ultraviolet light, normal mounting options and materials can often times not be used.

Industrial Curtain Partitions

Industrial Partitions

For smaller work cells you can use this style of divider which is great for forming work zones. The curtains roll on nylon roller curtain hooks like the larger curtain walls and consist of the same 18 oz vinyl material. They can also be free standing


Garage Divider Curtains

Garage curtains protect your cars, control dust, maintain temperature zones or hide unsightly clutter from your guests.


Welding Divider Curtain

Dividing your welding processes with the use of our welding divider curtain protects your operations from sparks and harmful UV light.



Anti-Static ESD Curtains

Industrial anti-static curtains and ESD curtains prevent the buildup of static electricity. These are perfect for electronics assembly and any area where static discharge is not ideal.


Free Standing Curtains

Industrial free standing curtains are an ideal solution for areas where ceiling mounted hardware is not possible or ideal. The floor mounted hardware allows for the curtains to be rolled open as well.


Industrial Blackout Curtains

These light blocking curtains also known as blackout curtains will keep light out of sensitive areas. Special PVC with optional fabric face works for both industrial and commercial settings.