Industrial Strip Curtains



The Akon line of industrial strip curtains and industrial strip doors are an economical solution to keep employees and materials protected from harsh conditions such as excessive noise, cold, heat, dust, and air drafts.
Commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and many other industrial settings. PVC strip curtains are economical, quick to install, and easy to replace.
If you already have the hardware then you can purchase just the bulk roll PVC.

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PVC Strip – Styles

Strips come in many different widths and lengths depending on your application. The most common is the clear flat or the clear ribbed. Clear industrial vinyl strip curtains maybe the most common but we also offer tinted and opaque versions as well. Many others include…

  • Clear Flat PVC Strips
  • Ribbed PVC Strips
  • Welding Grade PVC Strips
  • USDA PVC Strips
  • Safety Orange Strips
  • Opaque PVC Strips
  • Low temp PVC Strips
  • Frosted Strips
  • ESD & Anti-static Strips


PVC Strip Door Kits


If you have a door opening and need the vinyl strips and the hardware to hold them then click below. You can choose from any of the PVC listed above and even choose different hardware options to hang them. Note there is no limit on size so any opening can be covered. Strip curtain kits and strip door kits are stocked.

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PVC Strip Wall Kits


If it is a very wide area you are looking to cover or to create an enclosure then click here. The PVC Strip curtains can be configured for 1, 2, 3 and 4 sides to create an enclosure. If you have a custom design then simply submit your design with the form.

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PVC Bulk Rolls


If you already have hardware and you simply need the bulk roll PVC then click here. We can ship just the rolls of material that you require. They can even be pre-cut and punched to save you installation time.

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Mounting Options

There are 3 different mounting options for the industrial PVC strip curtains. The most traditional and common would be the fixed track styles which include header mount, wall mount, and universal mount. These can be supplied in galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

For more specialized mounts of the PVC bulk rolls we have standoff mounts which are ideal for roll-up doors, piano hinges and sliding mounts for sliding strip curtains.


How To Choose The Correct Strip Width

By using the simple chart shown below you can choose the appropriate width of strip. For instance, if you have a very tall opening that you are trying to cover and the strip width is too narrow it will curl at the bottom. The taller the opening the wider the strip must be.

As an example if you have a 14’ high opening and it will be located indoors then ideal strip as shown in the chart below would be a 12” wide strip.


Photo Gallery

Click below to view some common configurations

vinyl-strip-curtains-industrialclear-pvc-strip-curtainWarehouse strip curtainStrip warehouse curtainHanging strip doorsgarage door strip curtainsflexible-pvc-strip-curtain-doorsdock door stripsBlue tinted strip curtain