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Our lines of vinyl curtain wall are typically used as a partition or a divider that separates space inside of a building and is non-load bearing. These industrial curtains are a lot less expensive than a fixed wall and can be installed in a fraction of the time.




Common Uses for Vinyl Curtain Walls

While the uses for these curtains vary greatly, the most common uses are as follows:

  • Temperature zones – Separate heated portions of the building from non-heated
  • Dust control – Dust control curtains keep dust confined to the source
  • Odor control – Odor control curtain walls keep odors confined to the source
  • Privacy – Privacy curtain walls keep unsightly or private areas out of sight

Installation of the Vinyl Curtain Walls

The materials used for your specific application will vary based on the environment and your objectives. Typically the curtain walls are constructed from 14 to 18oz vinyl which will provide many years of reliable use.

For some applications, such as temperature separation, we might choose to supply you with an insulated vinyl curtain wall material which has a foam filling. This filling is wedged between two layers of vinyl and can separate temperatures up to about 43° F.

Mounting Methods

The mounting style which is used also varies based on the structure that you have available in your building. The industrial curtains can hang from the ceiling joists or they can go all the way from the floor to the ceiling and wrap right around the joists. Typically this would be for odor control, dust control, and temperature control curtains as you want an air tight fit between the two areas.

Vinyl Curtain Wall Options

In some instances you will need to include additional features to the curtain to provide you with the functionality that your application requires. Here are some of the features that you can add.

  • Strip doors – The strip doors will allow a forklift or workers to pass through
  • Clear strip windows – A see through window allows you to see through the industrial curtain
  • Modular panels – Velcro panel sections allow for the addition or removal of curtain sections
  • Company Logo – Your company logo can be printed directly onto the industrial curtain wall
  • Floor anchors – The floor anchors keep the curtain “tight” from the ceiling to the floor

Photo Gallery

Click below to view some common configurations

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