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Separating manufacturing floor space | When using overhead cranes

Overview Overhead cranes are common in industrial facilities because they can load, unload, and transport materials quickly and efficiently. They almost entirely replace human power by carry heavy loads and thus making the working process safer and more cost-efficient. With such equipment, you will be able to lift and transport goods through the warehouse. To […]

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Need an Installer For Your Industrial Curtains?

What are Your Options? If you are purchasing a curtain from AKON then you might also be making considerations about installation. This guide will help you make an informed decision on whether to install your own curtain or to have AKON provide you with an installer or installer distributor for a turnkey solution. Option #1 […]

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Industrial Curtain Rails

OVERVIEW Using an industrial curtain rail that is equipped with roller hooks can allow you to hang your new or used industrial curtains. The curtain rails feature a galvanized steel construction and are designed for a quick installation. In fact, when you request a quotation, we will break your quote up into components which are […]

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Industrial Curtain Tracking

OVERVIEW Akon can provide you with industrial curtain tracking that will allow you to hang your new or used industrial curtains. Constructed from high grade galvanized steel, the industrial curtain tracks will endure the elements for many years. Build Online Now Heavy Duty Steel Curtain Track Industrial Curtain Tracking Mounts There are several styles of industrial […]

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