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Loading Dock Enclosures – Dock Dividers

Loading dock enclosures are curtains which surround the entire loading dock area with roll up doors and strip curtains for points of entry. These curtains are mostly insulated to control temperature. The insulated warehouse enclosure curtains are more expensive than standard warehouse enclosure curtains but both versions will greatly reduce the amount of air lost from your loading dock bay doors.

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Loading Dock Strip Doors

If you want to cover each individual dock bay opening then we can provide loading dock strip doors. These dock strip doors are clear PVC door flaps which overlap each other and provide a seal from inside the factory to the outside environment. They allow for rapid movement of forklift traffic and can easily be replaced if damaged.

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Loading Dock Door Curtains

For less frequent forklift traffic you can use our insulated dock curtains to seal off the door opening and Velcro it shut. The loading dock door curtains have a R3 and R6 rating and roll side to side on curtain track via roller hooks. The dock curtain then eliminates all of the warm or cold air that rushes through when not in use.

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Energy Saving Benefits

As shown above we can provide loading dock curtains and loading dock enclosures which are used to conserve energy and even control dust. These industrial curtains are designed per application and can be used to cover only the dock door opening or to form an entire dock divider curtain wall which will enclose the entire loading dock area. Some other benefits include:

  • greatly reduce heating and cooling cost
  • less expensive than a fixed wall
  • can be taken down if need should arise
  • loading ramp curtains are inexpensive
  • ideal for small shops or warehouses
  • provides a professional appearance
  • improves employee comfort
  • stops the influx of hot or cold air


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