Industrial Plastic Flap Doors



Plastic Flap Doors are an excellent alternative to solid-panel doors, also known as strip doors. The flaps are overlapping PVC that hang from a mount atop a passageway to form a barrier through which individuals and equipment can travel. Unlike solid doors, industrial flap doors are lightweight, inexpensive, easy-to-install, safe, and still very effective. These clear PVC flaps allow forklift and people traffic to come and go with ease.

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Clear Door Flaps For Warehouses

Inexpensive, Easy to Ship, Easy to Install. Unlike standard doors, industrial plastic flap doors are relatively inexpensive. They can be shipped via regular postal services, installed in minutes, and last for years. When strips do wear out, replacement is quite literally a snap. Simply purchase some bulk roll PVC and you can instantly tear away a new flap and pop it in place to replace the previous one.

PVC Door Flaps Increase Safety

Hinge-style doors are large wood or metal objects that need to move at speed in order to function. Swiftly moving solid objects in close proximity to workers is inherently dangerous. In addition, up to 40 tons of pressure can be exerted between a door’s hinges, resulting in crushed and amputated fingers and hands. Indeed, there are over 300,000 door-related injuries every year. Also view our large industrial curtains for larger openings.


Plastic Flap Doors For Temperature, Dust, and Privacy

The design of industrial plastic flap doors allows for a barrier that can effectively keep out dust and debris, warn individuals to stay away, and serve as an excellent temperature sealant. In this way, strip doors are particularly effective as barriers for freezer doors that experience high traffic. A standard door can easily be left open and can lead to serious temperature contamination, whereas strip doors close automatically and still provide effective temperature control.

Industrial flap doors are transparent, meaning workers can see where they’re going and look out for anyone who might be on the other side. They also do not pose a threat from heavy moving objects like traditional door panels, and do not require an extra hand to open a door—an important feature for workers carrying heavy loads.

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