Retractable Sound Curtains

Retractable Sound Curtains


Unlike the quilted fiberglass panels, these retractable noise blocking curtains fold up on a rolling track to allow access for people in product to move through. Much like a shower curtain, it accordion folds when pulled back to provide access and allows for condensed storage when not in use. Can be used as a four sided enclosure or as an entire wall to divide a warehouse or shop.

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Sound Blocking Vinyl

sound blocking vinyl


  • Industrial Grade Vinyl
  • Won’t shrink, rot, or cause metal corrosion
  • Great resistance to adverse environments
  • Resistant to oils, weak acids, and alkalis
  • Anti-mildew, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial agents added
  • Thin, light weight and flexible unlike sound panels
  • Completely eliminates light from transmitting through

Other Uses Besides Curtains

  • Vinyl can be used in walls beneath drywall for offices and industrial buildings
  • Portable sound blankets
  • Installed under flooring with tight space constraints
  • Wrap around loud pipes or ductwork

Flexible Design

The sound blocking industrial grade vinyl greatly reduces noise levels. This technical fabric is made from a flexible, high density reinforce vinyl. That greatly reduces the transmission of sound waves and airborne noises. You can use the curtains to surround the source of the noise by confining the general area. You can also get the material custom cut so you can integrate it into the design of your housing.

Curtain Mounting Options

sound proof panels mounting

Rolling Track Mounts

The curtain can be hung using steel tracks with roller hooks. This allows the curtain to be rolled out of the way when not needed. This allows for material flow into and out of work areas. Even if the curtains do not need to roll, this method is a very efficient and gives the installation a very clean look.

Choose fro 6 different styles which range from free-standing to above the floor mounted. The track is all the same, only the attachment method varies.

sound proof panels mounting-1

Static Mounts

Aluminum angle which comes in 8′ sticks, can be used to hang the curtains in a static position. I-beam clamps are also common when attaching directly to beams, purlins, and joists. The edge clamp has a set screw to attach the flange and the eye-bolt goes through the grommets at the top of the curtains.

Sound Curtain Styles

Common features

Resistant To:
Fire Rating:
White, Black, Beige, Gray
Oils, Grease, mildew, weak acids, and alkalis
NFPA 701 Lg. Scale

industrial noise reduction curtains
Model: STC-13
Thickness: .0185″
Weight (oz/yd): 20
DBA Reduction: Estimated up to 13 DBA
Price: $
industrial noise reduction curtains
Model: STC-17
Thickness: .0340″
Weight (oz/yd): 38
DBA Reduction: Estimated up to 17 DBA
Price: $$

Decibel Ratings


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