warehouse draft curtains

Industrial Warehouse Draft Curtains

Draft Curtain Styles STYLE 1 | Temperature / Breeze The first style of warehouse draft curtains are used for controlling temperatures from airflow / draft as it moves through very large open spaces inside a warehouse. This usually comes from dock bay doors being used with a fairly high frequency which allows cold or hot air […]

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Forklift Curtains and Doors

Choose a Forklift Curtain Style Strip Door Curtains Forklift dock door curtains that cover the opening of dock doors for forklift traffic and the most common style of strip curtain doors. More Info Build Now Clear Replacement Strips  If you need to replace your worn out clear industrial strips then use the AKON replacement strips which are […]

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Industrial Privacy Curtains and Screens

Styles of Privacy Curtains OVERVIEW The small privacy curtains are great if you want to separate a normal room and create a private area. Most-commonly used in offices, smaller garages, or welding stations. They will prevent visual access to secure areas, or “unappealing” areas of your facility. The small industrial privacy curtains are quick to […]

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