portable classroom walls

Classroom Divider Ideas

AKON’s Recommended Classroom Divider Ideas #1 – Large Classroom Curtains Today’s article will focus on how to divide a classroom. There is a number of great ideas to do so, and the first of them would be AKON’s custom-built partition curtains. Their design can be changed depending on your needs: sizes, layouts, colors, curtain tracks, […]

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how to enclose a covered porch

How To Enclose A Covered Porch

AKON’s Recommended Covered Porch Enclosing Methods #1 – Clear Porch Tarps Today’s article will focus on how to enclose a covered porch to better prepare for the winter. The first example includes AKON’s custom-built Clear Porch Tarps. They will easily block out snow, rain, wind, pollen, and dust from entering the porch area. Our clients […]

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Separate your garage using garage divider curtains

How to Separate Cars in Your Garage?

Overview AKON’s custom curtains will enable you to efficiently manage indoor space and separate cars in your garage. They will keep your garage looking neat and clean while also protecting your vehicles from harm. The curtains divide your garage at a fraction of the cost of a fixed wall. Not to mention they are custom-made […]

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garage curtain to hide shelving

Curtains For Garage Shelves

Overview If you want to hide your garage shelves and keep everything tidy, we have a great solution. AKON’s custom curtains will divide your garage into smaller areas and hide the shelves’ clutter. Your garage will look better, be safer to use, and a bit more heating-efficient as well. Build Online More Information Privacy Curtains […]

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portable clear dividers 6 feat image

Portable Clear Dividers

Room Screen Dividers & Partitions Build Now Commercial Divider Screens Build Now Portable Clear Curtain Walls Build Now Germ and Infection Separation Screens Build Now Worker Divider Screen Partitions Build Now Portable Clear Dividers: Overview Sometimes, a clear partition will provide a distinct advantage over the fabric-covered dividers. While fabric dividers or solid walls have […]

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Social Distancing Dividers For Schools

OVERVIEW With the high standards against contamination, many schools are forced to search for alternatives to keep their students safe. If you as a school teacher are looking to prepare the school classes for the fall, there are a number of options to explore. You can choose between divider screens, hanging screens, strip curtains, large […]

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