Creating Climate-Controlled Warehouses With Thermal Separated Areas

Creating Climate-Controlled Warehouses

Overview AKON’s climate-controlled curtains will help you create and maintain a healthy warehouse environment; making work and product storage safer. Warehouses that store food or medicaments require a temperature-controlled environment. The need for refrigeration makes thermal insulation vital for the well-being of these items. By using customizable warehouse curtains, you can create temperature zones for […]

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Should You Choose An Insulated Or Standard Curtain For Thermal Separation?

Overview Choosing between a standard industrial curtain and an insulated industrial curtain can be a difficult decision. Insulated curtains provide greater thermal separation but are more expensive. Standard curtains are less expensive but do not provide as much thermal temperature separation. The following considerations should help you decide which curtain is best for your application. […]

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Industrial Heat Curtains

OVERVIEW Protecting operators and critical components from excessive heat can be accomplished with the Akon line of industrial heat curtains.  These large heat curtains can withstand temperatures in excess of 3,000°F.  In addition to being able to endure extreme temperatures, these curtains can be designed in a variety of configurations.They can be created as a […]

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Industrial Humidity Control

OVERVIEW Akon supplies a solution for industrial humidity control which is often times far less expensive than traditional methods of controlling humidity. Our line of insulated curtain walls can provide your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution center with a cost effective way to contain heat or to separate and partition work areas off that will […]

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