Industrial Curtain Track Hardware



Industrial Curtain Track with roller hooks allows you to roll the industrial curtain side to side which allows maximum access to both sides of your work area. The heavy duty curtain track is modular in design in that it comes in 6, 8 and 10’ lengths that easily bolt together. View the installation instructions here for an overview.




Overview of Components

Industrial Curtain Track

Akon can supply several different types of industrial curtain track mounts to hang your curtain (See Below). These tracks are made from strong 16 gauge galvanized steel or stainless steel for USDA Curtains. The heavy duty curtain tracks come in 6, 8 and 10′ lengths which splice together to form any length. This track utilizes radius corners to form enclosures or floor plates to be free-standing.


Industrial Curtain Hooks

The roller hooks allow the curtain to easily roll from side-to-side with minimal friction. These industrial curtain hooks come in two styles which are Nylon or Steel wheels with ball bearings. Nylon Rollers have a 40lb capacity while the steel rollers have a 75lb capacity. The steel wheels are utilized for very heavy curtains. They are spaced every 12” in the track.


Industrial Curtain Track Corners

Almost any configuration is possible with the use of the 90-degree radius corners. These 24” radius corners allow the curtain to roll from one side to the other with ease. Hard 90 degree corners are also available.


Industrial Curtain Track Supports

Depending on your needs, you can choose from many different track supports. The track supports are what holds the curtain track up. These supports clamp/bolt onto the straight track and are spaced about every 5’ to 8’ depending on your industrial curtain weight. See the different styles below.



Track Support Styles

Ceiling Mount

This mounting style works best when you want to mount the industrial curtain directly to your ceiling.

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Wall Mount

This industrial curtain track mount style is ideal when the curtain will attach to a vertical surface, such as a wall or wooden trusses.

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Chain or Cable Mount

This mounting style works best when the curtain will hang down from a tall ceiling or when you need to get below obstructions.

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Threaded Rod Mount

Like the chain or cable mounts, the threaded rod can be used to hang below obstructions or to drop down from tall ceilings. Note: Anchors for your all thread rods can be found here.

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I-Beam Mount

This mounting style works best when attaching to I-Beams or the trusses of the roof. Set screws are used to clamp down the mount.

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