pole barn curtains inside and outside

Pole Barn Curtains

Overview AKON’s pole barn curtains are designed to maintain specific stable temperatures and and also protect your agricultural facility during harsh weather. The curtains use vinyl with industrial power that can withstand extreme heat, humidity, snow, rain, and ice. Depending on your application, we offer 12oz, 18oz, and 22oz vinyl in the form of curtains […]

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mesh barn curtains for livestock

Horse Barn Curtains | Livestock Curtains & Doors

Barn Door Curtains | Strip Livestock Strip Door Kit Strip curtain doors allow rapid access into and out of the barn for horses, cows and small livestock with ease. Ideal for temperature control. Build Now More Info Mesh Strip Door Kit Mesh livestock curtains allow rapid access into and out of the barn for horses, […]

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insulated barn curtains

Insulated Barn Curtains | Create Work Areas In Your Barn

Overview AKON’s insulated barn curtains are the perfect solution for dividing workspace. They offer ease-of-access and temperature control for any livestock, hog, and dairy barn. Dust buildup, snow, rain, wind, UV-light, and small pests are taken care of. AKON’s curtains will also prevent diseases or bacteria from infecting the farm animals. These curtains are constructed […]

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barn divider curtains

Barn Divider Curtains

Choose a Type of Barn Curtains Barn Insulated Curtains Control the temperature in your work areas of your barn with insulated barn curtains. Easy to install and roll out of the way. More Info Build Now Barn Strip Curtains Barn Vinyl Strip Curtains are used where entry and exit for people, motor traffic or animals are required […]

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