Fabric Building Divider Curtains | Easy Partition Curtains

OVERVIEW With AKON’s Divider Curtains, separate areas within a fabric building has never been easier. We supply industrial warehouse divider curtains for warehouses of all sizes and shapes. The dividers use industrial-grade vinyl which is great for separating space or providing much needed insulation for temperature, humidity, and dust control. Build Online Now Fabric Building […]

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heavy duty outdoor curtain

Heavy Duty Outdoor Curtains

OVERVIEW If you have an application where you need heavy-duty outdoor curtains then we can help. These curtains are constructed from heavy-duty vinyl which is designed to endure the harsh elements which are present in outdoor applications. You can choose to purchase a one sided curtain or if you are trying to form an enclosure you […]

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barn divider curtains

Barn Divider Curtains

Choose a Type of Barn Curtains Barn Insulated Curtains Control the temperature in your work areas of your barn with insulated barn curtains. Easy to install and roll out of the way. More Info Build Now Barn Strip Curtains Barn Vinyl Strip Curtains are used where entry and exit for people, motor traffic or animals are required […]

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