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If you have an application where you need heavy-duty outdoor curtains then we can help. These curtains are constructed from heavy-duty vinyl which is designed to endure the harsh elements which are present in outdoor applications. You can choose to purchase a one sided curtain or if you are trying to form an enclosure you can choose a four-sided cube curtain.

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Heavy Duty Outdoor Curtains Considerations

There are a few considerations that you need to be aware of as they relate to heavy-duty curtains for outdoor use. Here are just a few.

  • Wind conditions – If curtains are going to be used outside, it is essential to take in consideration the effects of the wind. A curtain can become a large sail if it is not properly anchored down.
  • Ultraviolet exposure – The sun can prematurely wear out outdoor curtains with excessive ultraviolet exposure. It is important that you let us know if the installation area where the curtains will be installed will see an excessive amount of sunlight. There are special materials that can be used to combat the effects of the sun.
  • Mounting hardware – It is important to use the correct mounting hardware to ensure that corrosion and rusting does not take place on the curtain track. Galvanized steel must be used to prevent rusting and to ensure that the curtain track allows for the roller hooks to slide effortlessly.


Combating Wind On The Outdoor Curtains

Wind can be serious problem for curtains that are located outside. The reason for this is quite obvious, a curtain acts much like a sail, and the larger the curtain, the larger the sail. To alleviate some of the effects of the wind on the curtain, there are a couple of features which can be installed.

  • Steel Wind Rods – Steel wind rods are steel bars that travel from the base of the curtain all the way to the top of the roller track. These steel rods spread the force of the wind from the curtain to the track above and to the ground. The curtain features a fabric sleeve which the rod is mounted inside of. At the base of the curtain, the steel rod is inserted into the ground.
  • Wind Vents – Wind vents are placed strategically on the curtain to allow air to flow through. This minimizes the effects of the wind pushing and pulling against the heavy-duty outdoor curtain.
  • Tie Down Straps – D-Rings anchor into your cement and a Velcro strap loops into the D-Ring and then back up to the curtain. This allows for the curtain to be opened and closed if needed.

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