swivel industrial curtain

Swing Out of The Way Industrial Curtains

Swings Out of The Way The search for novel ways to improve workplace flexibility, safety, and efficiency is constant in the dynamic world of industrial operations. A novel strategy that is beginning to take off makes use of a special set of tools that are commonly found in workshops: the industrial curtain and the light-duty […]

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industrial canvas curtains

Industrial Canvas Curtains

Indoor | Outdoor | Welding Canvas Canvas Welding Curtains More Info Build Now Canvas Curtain Walls More Info Build Now Canvas Welding Screens More Info Build Now Coated Vinyl Vinyl Curtain Walls These industrial clear curtains are great for dust control, visual control, or dividing work areas. They are the most common clear curtains. More Info Build […]

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Warehouse Room Dividers Modular Style

Warehouse Room Dividers | Modular Style

How to Divide Warehouse Space AKON’s modular-style walls are the ideal solution if you want to quickly and cost-effectively divide space in your warehouse. The warehouse room dividers are custom-made specifically for your application. Choose any size, material, color, and feature you need. The dividers will boost efficiency, make the warehouse more organized, provide privacy, […]

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verhead crane curtains and strips feat

Separating Manufacturing Floor Space | When Using Overhead Cranes

Overview Overhead cranes are common in industrial facilities because they can load, unload, and transport materials quickly and efficiently. They almost entirely replace human power by carry heavy loads and thus making the working process safer and more cost-efficient. With such equipment, you will be able to lift and transport goods through the warehouse. To […]

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Industrial Room Divider Curtains

OVERVIEW AKON’s offers special divider curtains for industrial rooms. If you want to change your room and give it a fresh style while keeping working conditions efficient and safe, we have the solution. Our industrial curtains have all the benefits in one: they are durable, inexpensive, customizable, and more. All it takes is to choose […]

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isolation curtain

Industrial Dividers Partitions

Choose A Type Of Industrial Dividers Partitions Room Divider Partitions These clear guards are lightweight and sturdy. They will divide people and keep employees, customers and workers separated. More Info Build Now Canvas Welding Dividers They are constructed of flame retardant fiberglass and have a temperature range of 350°F to 3000°F depending on the material. […]

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Isolation Curtains Industrial

Isolation Curtains | Industrial

Choose a Type of Industrial Isolation Curtain Vinyl Isolation Curtains Industrial Vinyl Isolation Curtains are used where entry and exit for people and motor traffic is needed with no need to push to the side. More Info Build Now Isolation Curtain Walls These isolation curtain walls are great for dust control, visual control, or dividing […]

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Fabric Building Divider Curtains | Easy Partition Curtains

OVERVIEW With AKON’s Divider Curtains, separate areas within a fabric building has never been easier. We supply industrial warehouse divider curtains for warehouses of all sizes and shapes. The dividers use industrial-grade vinyl which is great for separating space or providing much needed insulation for temperature, humidity, and dust control. With our expert advice and […]

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Industrial Looking Curtains

OVERVIEW If you want to upgrade your office, work station, or facility, our custom-made industrial looking  curtains are the perfect choice. We offer industrial chic curtains and industrial design curtains; both of which have amazing, clean looks. You can create your own model by filling one of our “request a quote” forms. Whether you want […]

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Industrial Mezzanine Curtains to Cover Opening

Industrial Mezzanine Curtains

OVERVIEW AKON’s custom made industrial mezzanine curtains are a great choice if you want to create a safe working environment. These curtains are exceptionally useful in facilities with high ceilings such as warehouses or large factories. You are free to choose a custom layout, the materials, colors, applications, and more. Our industrial mezzanine curtains will […]

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