Portable Sound Blocking Screens



Portable modular acoustic screens allow you to move your sound enclosure to and around the source. These mobile sound barriers allow you to completely enclose or partially enclose noise producing equipment. You can easily add or subtract panels with modular connectors. This allows you to reuse the enclosure for different applications and areas.

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Safety Legs

Swing legs that are painted black and yellow to increase safety. The legs provide stability and also allow for the sound barrier to be moved around.


Modular Design

The frames quickly snap together so that you can use them as a stand alone panel or connect them to make 2,3,and 4 sided enclosures. You can even connect them in a row to make a sound blocking wall. The curtains hang from the top bars with “S” hooks. Quickly folds up when not in use as well.


Sound Blocking Panels

The 1″ thick panels are quilted fiberglass material featuring an internal loaded vinyl curtain for additional sound blocking properties. While the frames snap together the curtain panels Velcro together to eliminate any gaps where sound can get through. Overall height of each panel is 8’ 4” and 4′ wide. Single sided or two panels sewn together for double panel for extreme noise areas.

10-16 dB Reduction
Single Sided – 56 lbs. – 1″ thick
Double Sided – 62 lbs. – 2″ thick

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