pollen control for porch

Screen Porch Pollen Solutions

Overview With the coming of spring also comes one too-familiar issue: pollen.  Many of us have seen and had to deal with the yellow pollen dust accumulating everywhere, and no places are at a bigger risk than our patios or outdoor decks. This blog will go over some ideas on how to keep pollen out […]

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gymnasium divider curtain walls

Gym Divider Curtains | Partition Your Gym Easily

Overview If your gym has multiple teams practicing at the same time or too many clients overall, gym dividers may be just what you need. Gym divider curtains will allow you to maximize floor space by dividing the area into smaller zones. The curtains are highly efficient; they are thin and take up almost no […]

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Creating Climate-Controlled Warehouses With Thermal Separated Areas

Creating Climate-Controlled Warehouses

Overview AKON’s climate-controlled curtains will help you create and maintain a healthy warehouse environment; making work and product storage safer. Warehouses that store food or medicaments require a temperature-controlled environment. The need for refrigeration makes thermal insulation vital for the well-being of these items. By using customizable warehouse curtains, you can create temperature zones for […]

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Shop Partitions And Industrial Dividers

Overview AKON’s modular-style divider curtains will quickly and cost-effectively separate floor space. They are customizable with specific colors, sizes, materials, mounts, and other features. Unlike traditional rigid walls, our curtains are inexpensive, much easier to set up or take down, and usable for different applications. AKON is the best shop for partitions and dividers – […]

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How To Seal Your Dock Door

Overview Loading dock areas are under constant attack by pests, dust, and the weather elements. Sealing off the doors would prevent temperature loss and reduce heating or cooling energy spent. A proper seal would also keep the pests at bay and prevent many common problems; especially in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. To keep […]

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Warehouse Room Dividers Modular Style

Warehouse Room Dividers | Modular Style

How to Divide Warehouse Space AKON’s modular-style walls are the ideal solution if you want to quickly and cost-effectively divide space in your warehouse. The warehouse room dividers are custom-made specifically for your application. Choose any size, material, color, and feature you need. The dividers will boost efficiency, make the warehouse more organized, provide privacy, […]

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Breezeway Curtains | Commercial & Industrial

Build Online Overview AKON’s custom breezeway curtains will go along the entire breezeway and create a safe place for walking during harsh storms. People will be able to go from one side to the other without having to worry about the weather. Regardless if the breezeway is located on the ground or high-up between two […]

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Large Tarps With Doors | Warehouse Dividing Systems

Need a Quote Large Dividing Systems for Warehouse Dividing a large warehouse can be a very tough job to do considering production and expense. But with the AKON modular wall dividing system, dividing a large industrial plant will take less time and effort. AKON can give you warehouse dividing options that are very inexpensive and […]

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Separate your garage using garage divider curtains

How to Separate Cars in Your Garage?

Overview AKON’s custom curtains will enable you to efficiently manage indoor space and separate cars in your garage. They will keep your garage looking neat and clean while also protecting your vehicles from harm. The curtains divide your garage at a fraction of the cost of a fixed wall. Not to mention they are custom-made […]

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Curtains For Garage Shelves

Overview If you want to hide your garage shelves and keep everything tidy, we have a great solution. AKON’s custom curtains will divide your garage into smaller areas and hide the shelves’ clutter. Your garage will look better, be safer to use, and a bit more heating-efficient as well. Build Online More Information Privacy Curtains […]

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