Hot Tub Privacy Ideas: How To Surround Your Backyard Spa

Idea #1: Hot Tub Tarp Sides Overview The first hot tub privacy idea is to use commercial grade vinyl tarps to enclosure the hot tub. Doing so will not only improve privacy but protect you from the outdoor elements. If you want more visibility, you can add a see-through panel. These hot tub tarp enclosures […]

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mesh barn curtains for livestock

Horse Barn Curtains | Livestock Curtains & Doors

Barn Door Curtains | Strip Livestock Strip Door Kit Strip curtain doors allow rapid access into and out of the barn for horses, cows and small livestock with ease. Ideal for temperature control. Build Now More Info Mesh Strip Door Kit Mesh livestock curtains allow rapid access into and out of the barn for horses, […]

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top wash bay enclosure ideas

Wash Bay Enclosures | Pros and Cons | Top #11 Styles

#1 – Self-Contained Wash Bays | Wash Pads The self-contained wash bays are an ideal for multi-story car parks. Combined with amazing water treatment systems, the wash bays will prevent any spills. Wash racks and wash water recovery systems are great for preventing onsite contamination. These self contained wash bays feature a low profile for […]

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industrial awning outdoor curtains

Industrial Awning Curtains | Commercial & Industrial

Overview AKON’s industrial awning curtains and roller shades provide shelter from wind and snow during the harsh winter months. Meanwhile in the summer, they offer privacy and reduce cooling costs. Installing awning curtains is similar to adding ad additional room to your home or business. There is no need to remodel either as the curtains […]

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warehouse weather curtains

Warehouse Weather Curtains

AKON’s warehouse weather curtains come in two different styles. Solid style for sealing off large areas of the dock area or just inside of the dock area and strip style for allowing traffic in and out on smaller openings. Choose a style by clicking a yellow button or read below for more information. View Solid […]

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wash bays for heavy equipment

Wash Bays For Heavy Equipment

Build Online Now OVERVIEW AKON’s wash bays for heavy equipment are designed for heavier use in warehouses or garages. They will contain flying mud, water, and debris from wash down operations. The materials we use are durable and resistant to many chemicals. These curtain boots will prevent contamination and hazardous from escaping the area. Depending […]

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wind blocking curtains high wind

Wind Blocking Curtains | That Won’t Blow Around

Material Options All Clear PVC Clear PVC is great for line of sight and for allowing the sunshine into your space. It does, however, have some drawbacks when it comes to wind blocking curtains. Clear material is not reinforced with an internal scrim like completely opaque material. As such, it is more susceptible to damage […]

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Locking Curtains

Locking Curtains

Overview AKON’s locking curtains are ideal if you want to maintain privacy or prevent people from entering into an important area. The curtains are made from heavy-duty industrial vinyl while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. You can take advantage of optional grommets at the bottom and both sides of the curtain. You can then […]

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under deck curtains and tarps

Under Deck Tarp Curtains

Overview AKON’s under deck tarp curtains are waterproof and made of slick, reinforced vinyl. They are made for both residential and commercial use. These tarp curtains are UV resistant, tear and abrasion resistant, and weather resistant. They will provide protection against UV rays, rain, snow, wind, pests, dirt, and debris all year round. With our […]

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insulated barn curtains

Insulated Barn Curtains | Create Work Areas In Your Barn

Overview AKON’s insulated barn curtains are the perfect solution for dividing workspace. They offer ease-of-access and temperature control for any livestock, hog, and dairy barn. Dust buildup, snow, rain, wind, UV-light, and small pests are taken care of. AKON’s curtains will also prevent diseases or bacteria from infecting the farm animals. These curtains are constructed […]

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