Dust Containment Enclosures Small

CNC Machine Dust Enclosures

Overview We’ve got a solution, and it is not only super efficient, but inexpensive and simple as well! To keep production running smoothly for long periods of time, we suggest using dust enclosures, made specifically for CNC machines. In this article, we will explain why our CNC machine dust enclosures are worth it, and give […]

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demolition curtain wall to contain dust

Demolition Curtain Wall | Soft Walls

OVERVIEW AKON’s Demolition Curtain Walls are used for construction projects where the curtains keeps dust from spreading around a warehouse or plant that is conducting demolition projects. The soft walls are unique and ideal for establishing a warehouse separation barrier in minimal time. By doing that, you will prevent dust and debris from spreading further […]

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4 Good Reasons To Prevent Dust in Your Factory (And The Best Way To Do It)

The Best Dust Control Methods For Warehouses

OVERVIEW Dust buildup is something normal for manufacturing plants. There are countless reasons for its occurrence: Exhaust gases from combustion engines Black marking tires leave dust during contact with the floor’s surface Small pieces of cardboard boxes and wooden pallets And various other causes Small amounts of dust pose little to no threat for anyone. […]

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Industrial-Dust-Control-Curtains 2

Industrial Dust Control Curtains

OVERVIEW Do you have a work process which is releasing a lot of dust into the air? If so, then you might want to consider the Akon line of Industrial Dust Control Curtains. These curtains are easy to install and can completely surround the source of the dust which will keep the air quality in […]

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