Industrial Thermal Curtains

Industrial Thermal Curtains Styles

Industrial Thermal Curtains can divide a warehouse or contain a coke oven’s extreme heat. Custom designed to your exact needs these curtains come in all sizes and are easy to install.  There are many different styles of thermal curtains which we utilize for our customers’ applications. Some of these curtains are used to separate warehouse into temperature zones, while others maybe used to seal off an entrance to a cooler. Here are three of the more common styles.



Warehouse Thermal Curtains

These curtains come in panels which are 5’ wide by whatever height is needed. With this style of thermal curtain, the customer is generally trying to separate the warehouse into temperature zones. This allows the facility to reduce their heating and cooling costs while also partitioning off assembly areas. This style of industrial thermal curtain can also be equipped with door openings to allow for forklift traffic and personnel to pass through.

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High Temperature Thermal Curtains

For areas where there is extreme heat present we offer a line of high temperature thermal curtains. These curtains can withstand temperatures of up to 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. These curtains are generally placed around coke ovens or industrial ovens which produce extreme heat. We can design the thermal curtain with a reflective surface to reflect radiant heat with an insulated inner core that maintains environmental conditions.

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Standard Thermal Curtains

The most common type of  thermal industrial curtain is the standard version. This version comes in widths of up to 50′ wide and can be Velcro attached to adjacent curtains. Utilized in industrial warehouses and manufacturing plants and even in small workshops.

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