Social Distancing Dividers For Schools

OVERVIEW With the high standards against contamination, many schools are forced to search for alternatives to keep their students safe. If you as a school teacher are looking to prepare the school classes for the fall, there are a number of options to explore. You can choose between divider screens, hanging screens, strip curtains, large […]

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Fabric Building Divider Curtains | Easy Partition Curtains

OVERVIEW With AKON’s Divider Curtains, separate areas within a fabric building has never been easier. We supply industrial warehouse divider curtains for warehouses of all sizes and shapes. The dividers use industrial-grade vinyl which is great for separating space or providing much needed insulation for temperature, humidity, and dust control. With our expert advice and […]

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warehouse tenant seperation divider

Warehouse Tenant Separation

Build Online Now OVERVIEW As a warehouse owner, you can lease out floor space to multiple companies at once. By doing that, you will make the most out of your investment. Benefit by leasing out space to as many tenants as possible while allowing them more than enough space and security. The best way to […]

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industrial curtains walls

Garage Partition Ideas

Overview Whether you want to start a new business in your garage or simply update your personal space, a divider can do wonders. The potential benefits are numerous – keeping specific areas clean, preventing warm or cool air from escaping, organizing the space for more efficiency, customizing awesome looks, and more. The need to divide […]

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Demising-Walls-Seperation (2)

Warehouse Demising Wall

OVERVIEW Warehouse demising walls are unique and ideal for establishing warehouse separation walls in minimal time. They are a cost-effective alternative to fixed construction walls and require a shorter time period for installation than traditional framing walls. Its effectiveness is realized when used as soft walls to accommodate more production lines in your factory or […]

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Industrial Curtain Screens and Curtains

3 Essential Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Color For Industrial Curtains

Make Your Facility Look Great Your industrial curtain’s color is more than just for appeal. Apart from enhancing the way your facility looks, it can also help ensure the efficiency of your areas as well as your employees by promoting a safer work environment. If you are new to installing industrial curtains or you simply […]

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industrial divider curtains

Industrial Divider Curtains

Choose a Style Divider Curtain Walls These industrial clear curtains are great for dust control, visual control, or dividing work areas. They are the most common clear curtains. More Info Build Now Divider Warehouse Curtains Warehouse curtains are larger versions of industrial curtain walls. They can be insulated or non-insulated for applications. More Info Build […]

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