Shop Partitions And Industrial Dividers

Overview AKON’s modular-style divider curtains will quickly and cost-effectively separate floor space. They are customizable with specific colors, sizes, materials, mounts, and other features. Unlike traditional rigid walls, our curtains are inexpensive, much easier to set up or take down, and usable for different applications. AKON is the best shop for partitions and dividers – […]

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Warehouse Room Dividers Modular Style

Warehouse Room Dividers | Modular Style

How to Divide Warehouse Space AKON’s modular-style walls are the ideal solution if you want to quickly and cost-effectively divide space in your warehouse. The warehouse room dividers are custom-made specifically for your application. Choose any size, material, color, and feature you need. The dividers will boost efficiency, make the warehouse more organized, provide privacy, […]

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verhead crane curtains and strips feat

Separating Manufacturing Floor Space | When Using Overhead Cranes

Overview Overhead cranes are common in industrial facilities because they can load, unload, and transport materials quickly and efficiently. They almost entirely replace human power by carry heavy loads and thus making the working process safer and more cost-efficient. With such equipment, you will be able to lift and transport goods through the warehouse. To […]

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Warehouse Lunchrooms and Break Rooms

OVERVIEW Leaving space for a warehouse lunchroom is highly-recommended (if not mandatory in some states). It will greatly improve worker efficiency and create a better environment for working. In the long run, it will definitely save money, but there are ways to speed up things and notice immediate benefits. Here is where AKON’s industrial warehouse […]

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Humidity Control Curtains

OVERVIEW AKON has an economical solution to control humidity levels within your warehouse or small shop. These humidity control curtains can cost as much as ten times less money than rigid fixed walls. The installation process lasts only a fraction of the time. You can set them up in no time and focus on your […]

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Factory Partitions and Dividers

Industrial Warehouse Partition Wall

OVERVIEW AKON specializes in industrial warehouse partition walls which are used to separate space or to form temperature zones. These industrial warehouse partitions are an ideal replacement for fixed walls which are more expensive and not as flexible to take down or install. Build Online Now Quickly Partition Warehouse Space Key benefits less expensive than fixed permanent […]

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Sanitation Curtains

FDA Food Grade Curtains

OVERVIEW You can use the Akon line of FDA food grade Curtains to contain wash down overspray or to simply divide up work areas for a cleaner environment. These food grade Curtains comprise of specially designed stainless steel curtain track and heat sealed antibacterial vinyl. Meet FDA Requirements FDA Approved Curtains These FDA approved Curtains are the […]

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sandblast curtains to contain dust

Sandblast Curtains

OVERVIEW You can control and contain sandblast material with the use of the Akon line of sandblast curtains. These curtains form walls around the area where the blasting is taking place. This in turn will greatly reduce the loss of blasting media and keep the surrounding areas clean and debris free. Designed from a material which is […]

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Warehouse Curtain Walls

OVERVIEW Akon supplies warehouse curtain walls which are often times far less expensive than traditional methods of controlling humidity, odors, privacy and temperature control. Our line of curtain walls can provide your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution center with a cost effective way to contain heat or to separate and partition work areas off that will […]

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Clear Industrial Curtains

[ezcol_1third class=”ihrc-full align-center”][/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1half class=”ihrc-full”]Looking for clear industrial curtains? Akon can provide you with many different styles and configurations of clean curtains for your industrial application. They are available in 16mil to 22mil thickness and can be designed for wash down applications or simple clear curtain wall dividers. Any length and width can be supplied and […]

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